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Donation Requests

Donations are an essential part of our community outreach efforts, providing clubs the opportunity to generate positive impact throughout the region. Investing in the community is not only a responsibility of the team but also an opportunity to show our support for the great number of organizations that work tirelessly to help those in need.

Who can request a donation? Organizations designated 501(c)(3)not-for-profit (charities, church, school, community resource centers, etc.) are eligible to receive a donation for the purpose of raising money for charitable and educational programs. We ask that only one request per organization is submitted per year. Due to the large volume of requests all donations must be submitted below.

What is donated? We are proud of our generous community support, typically providing more than $50,000 in support of fundraising efforts. We want to give to as many organizations as possible, but we do limit the number of donations we are able to provide. Your gift bag will include items such as team stickers, magnets, soccer ball, pens, a T-shirt or scarf.  We will also include a voucher good for four supporter zone general admission tickets to a regular-season league home game of your choice.

* Please keep in mind that these tickets are subject to availability due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and potentially limited available ticketing. If we are unable to fulfill the ticket voucher this season, it will be honored in the first year when full capacity is a safe option.*

How long will it take? Donations are processed in batches, so we ask that you submit your request at least two months prior to your event date, but no more than four months prior. Generally, allow four weeks for processing.

How will I get the donation? All donations must be picked up from our office at 110 W Main Street, 2nd Floor, Louisville KY 40202 once you have received confirmation from a team member.  No donations will be mailed.

The value for the gift bag can be stated at $150 for tax or pricing purposes. We recommend that your event NOT center on a donation from us but have the donation serve as a complement to the overall event. Louisville City FC and Racing Louisville FC do not accept any fan merchandise for autographs under any circumstances.

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