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LouCity christens new era with a new crest

By LouCity, 12/16/19, 10:50AM EST


LouCity Crest Reveal

MONDAY, DEC. 16, 2019 - Louisville City Football Club released a new, refreshed look Monday, at the LouCity Team Store at Fourth Street Live! in downtown Louisville Monday. The club announced a new crest, badge, and an updated color palette.

“We are excited for our fans to see our new look,” LouCity President Brad Estes said. “We focused our efforts on paying homage to the city we love while working to make a new mark that is bold and clean. Our new crest is a sign of continued progress for us. Our new crest is distinctly Louisville and will be a uniting brand as we move into a new era for our club.”

While the club’s official name will continue to be Louisville City Football Club, the crest will reflect the LouCity name local supporters and soccer fans around the country have embraced. The club’s primary crest will adopt a new, cleaner look for 2020 and beyond, combining elements from the traditional city of Louisville flag with LouCity’s Signature Purple. The new crest will incorporate Oak Char Black and Kentucky Limestone Grey into the official colors of the club.

“Our grey and black kit this past season was one of the more popular kits we’ve ever had,” Estes said. “And we know how much our fans loved the purple and black kits in years’ past. We wanted to make sure we kept our Signature Purple from our original affiliation from Orlando City while also creating a new look that is distinctly LouCity.”

Updating the crest of one of the most successful clubs in American soccer wasn’t undertaken lightly. LouCity won two USL Championship Titles and three Eastern Conference Titles in its first five seasons under the previous crest. In 2017 and 2018, LouCity became the first club in modern USL history to win back-to-back Championship Titles. In 2019, the club entered the playoffs as a four seed but knocked off a pair of higher-seeded teams en route to its third-straight Eastern Conference crown.

“We love the success we have had under the previous crest, and it will always be a part of our club’s remarkable story,” Estes said. “As we transition to Lynn Family Stadium for the 2020 Season, we will embrace a new crest that looks toward a bright future in our own soccer-specific stadium and future that includes new endeavors for our club.”

The new crest will be used to unite LouCity’s future developments as a club which includes an Academy team coming In the Spring of 2020, a new USL League 2 team called LouCity U-23 coming in the Summer of 2020 and the club’s work in youth development across the city.

LouCity partnered with Doe-Anderson, a leading local marketing firm, to develop the new crest, badge and color palette. Designers worked through hundreds of possible designs while collaborating with LouCity staff to find the right look for the club’s future.

“Doe Anderson has been excited to work with LouCity on a look that is both progressive and distinctly Louisville,” Meagan Carner, project lead for Doe Anderson said. “Pulling elements from the city’s traditional flag and incorporating them into a clean, modern design creates a crest that looks great on everything from kits to merchandise to website design.”

Carner, a local product who played goalkeeper at Southern Methodist, said it was important that LouCity’s new crest be distinctive while staying true to soccer culture. The new look will allow LouCity to adopt new uniform and apparel combinations for the 2020 season.

“We can’t wait for the fans to see all the things we can do with our new look,” Estes said. “Whether we use the full crest, the distinctive badge, or our wordmark, we believe our new look will allow us to offer Coach John Hackworth and his team more kit options while offering our supporters more apparel choices.

The new logo presents LouCity with a badge within a crest. The overall crest will include the words “LOUCITY’ and “FOOTBALL CLUB” above our new badge, a heraldic five-sided mark that will be a distinctive emblem of our fan base. The badge itself incorporates elements from the traditional city of Louisville flag, elements that supporters will see in thematic design at Lynn Family Stadium.

Lynn Family Stadium will be a new showpiece for the city of Louisville when it opens in the Spring of 2020 for LouCity’s USL Championship season. With seating for 11,700 and a capacity reaching 14,000, Lynn Family Stadium is built in the Butchertown Neighborhood east of downtown through private financing by Soccer Holdings, LLC. Managed by ASM Global, Lynn Family Stadium will also host Louisville’s National Women’s Soccer League team starting in the 2021 season. 

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