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About Us

Louisville City Youth Academy announced a new vision for youth soccer in the Louisville community on Monday, March 2, 2020. The organization will launch elite academy programs for both boys and girls starting this summer. 

Louisville City FC and Louisville’s NWSL team will each have a youth academy associated with its first team. Young players will have the opportunity to develop his/her full potential in a positive, player-centered learning environment.

Louisville City Youth Academy will use the PITCH model to guide its programs, competing at the highest level of American youth soccer while focusing on fostering Personal Accountability, Integrity, Trust, Commitment and Humility among our young athletes. 


Academy Playing Model

Our Soccer


Our Priority is to Dominate the Game

Our Priority With the Ball

•Retain the ball with a purpose

Our Priority Without the Ball

•Regain possession of the ball with organized, high pressure defending

Our Priority in Transition

•Immediately identify the appropriate reaction, both individually and collectively

Age Group Training Priorities

Ages 8-10 (With the Ball)

•Comfort with the ball under pressure

•Exciting and individualistic freedom

•Decision making relative to space and pressure

Age 8-10 (Without the ball)

•Defend with energy

•Attack the ball

•You lose the ball, react and win it back

Ages 11-14 (With the ball)

•Recognizing when and how to attack space

•Awareness of how to utilize space in order to gain an advantage

•Performing position-specific movements

Ages 11-14 (Without the ball)

•Desire to compete for the ball

•Pressure, Cover, Balance

•Position-specific defending

Ages 11-14 (In Transition - Attack to Defend)

•When the ball is lost collectively re-press

•Recognizing when to get numbers behind the ball

Ages 11-14 (In Transition - Defend to Attack)

•Look for vertical passes

•Advancing after winning possession

Ages 15-19 (With the ball)

•Use possession to unbalance our opponent

•Identify and apply combination play to break an opponent’s defense

•Be able to adapt and play in a variety of systems and styles of play

Ages 15-19 (Without the ball)

•Dominate defensive duels

•Communicate effectively with teammates 

•Situational game management

•Be comfortable using a variety of different defensive strategies within a number of different systems

Ages 15-19 (In Transition - Attack to Defend)

•Defending in advance (Rest Defending)

•Recognize moments to immediately repress

•Collective organization to recover the ball

•Professional/tactical fouls

Ages 15-19 (In Transition - Defend to Attack)

•Recognition of opponent’s balance -when to play forward and attack space vs retain possession sideways/backward

•Collective movement to go forward or to retain possession

The use of the Louisville City Youth Academy logo, the PITCH logo and graphics and all of its programs or events is limited to those with express written permission from Louisville City Youth Academy. All logos are trademarked property of the Soccer Holdings LLC and any unauthorized use of any of these logos either for private use or commercial use is strictly prohibited. If any person, organization or company violates our terms of use either with limited permissions or without permission the Louisville City Youth Academy reserves the right to take legal action and recover damages from the unauthorized use which can include confiscation of any and all products with any Louisville City-owned logos and monetary damages.